How to Get Thumbs-Upped on YouTube

1. Reference the eerily common way people found the video

2. Make fun of those who “disliked” the video

3. Actually be witty.

Unfortunately, 3 on it’s own rarely happens.

blogging in general

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a personal blog. Typically people have three reasons to do this. They..

1. want to become a famous blogger/expert in a field,

2. think people will care about their opinion, or

3. desire some sort of medium to express their thoughts outside of Facebook statuses and tweets.

I fall under option 3, with hopes that option 2 will follow at some point. But really, I want some very stream-of-conscious like blog that aesthetically allows for short and long posts. My ideal design is a home page that looks like a calendar, with each day showing the number of posts, or “thoughts” (or whatever word I think is clever and witty enough when I get around to this), with the most recent post being linked at the top. A menu with limited options (Stream [this would be previews of all recent “thoughts” in a default Tumblr like look], About Me, Contact?) would be in their somewhere. Otherwise, it’s a very minimalistic, white background, basic looking blog that is based on time of post and tags used.

I need to learn HTML or something.